Quality production process

Tonro targets precision mechanical engineering using state of the art sofisticated technologies.
Our company´s strategy aims to consolidate a position in the market and to satisfy customer´s needs.

Tonro has achieved these goals by establishing the following Quality Policy:

• We respect our customers.
• We mantain our high product quality by permanent monitoring their needs and requests with an intention to keep our market positon and goodwill.
• Human resources are the key factor ofour success.
• We are conscious of the fact, that a headstone of the company´s efficiency lies in excellent communication.
• We build up partner relations with our suppliers with a view to secure the requested quality supplies.
• Our priority is a continuous improvement of the quality system in order to improve the processes, products as well as the company´s working enviroment.
• Every elimination of a fault source is a financial benefit for our corportion.

The company´s certified quality management system according the EN ISO 9001-2015 is an effective tool to meet customers requirements and expectations as well as to monitor our correct processes.

The quality of our products undergo through a final checkout point. Amongst common messuring instruments our check out point disposes with a Zeiss Duramax 3D messuring device (see photo), which certifies the produced quality of the product. The Final Warranty Report can be added to the customer delivery (subject of customer request).